Body & Dish Scrubbers

I wanted to try the Red Heart Scrubby Yarn with some hesitation based on the different reviews I had read. A lot of people don’t enjoy working with it as it’s tricky to navigate through the fringe and depending on how you hold your Yarn I can be pretty rough on the skin. 

I don’t mind working with it but I do have to go in spurts, it rubs your skin raw after awhile. 

I soon came up with a pattern that fit my needs in the kitchen and made a few for Xmas presents. Since then I’ve had requests for more and just recieved an order for 25!

My design works well in the kitchen or in the bathroom. 

It has scrubby side for cleaning pots and pans but could also be nice used to exfoliate your body in bath or shower. The other side is a scrap buster cotton side, that’s absorbent and soft.

I left one side open so you can put you hand inside to hold better especially in the shower as well as a pocket for a bar of soap if you so desired. 

This open side also is nice for throwing in the washing machine after to get good and clean, no hidden grim between layers. 


What you need:

  • H 5.00mm hook
  • Red Heart Scrubby
  • Cotton yarn
  • Tapestry needle

With Scrubby, Chain 21

Sc in 2nd chain, continue sc across, turn.(20sts)

Ch1 sc across. Repeat for 13 more rows. Finish off.
With cotton, chain 21

Sc in 2nd chain, continue across, turn. (20st)

Now I like to alternate sc & dc across for 10 rows. 

Sc last row. Turn.

Ch1, sc cotton and Scrubby pieces together on 3 sides, starting with 3 sc in the two corners. Fasten off and weave in ends with tapestry needle.

Aimee 🤓


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