Cribbage Boards

Cribbage Boards is where it all started for my husband and his woodworking hobby. Two years ago we decided to do a favourite things themed Christmas gift exchange, and playing Crib is one of his favourite things to do. Instead of buying generic Crib boards for all the guys in his family he took on the task of making them. 

He made 4 that year, and it’s been a love hate situation ever since. Drilling all the holes being the most tedious and time consuming task.

Now for the past few years he’s been making them and getting more creative with his designs and using different types of wood and stain. He makes single board with shotgun shell peg holders or double swivel board that have carved in card and peg storage.

Recently he had a request for a more personalized one, so I was able to help him out by woodburning a name onto the board.

Recently he has been accenting with a border using another wood. 

Here’s his first attempt at a Chess board. I’m looking forward to his next ones, he has some great ideas for the board and pieces!

🤓 Aimee


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