Painting Birds

I like to paint what I see. From the blue jays in our back yard, owls on our drives to the cabin, finches fluttering above me while I’m reading in the hammock, birds on a fence line, etc. 

My Grandma collected and recieved so many owl knick-knacks and pictures over the years that her house was full of them. I think the last I counted 429 visible owls things throughout! So I paint in memory and personal preference owls regularly.

My version of ‘birds on a wire’ and ‘three little birds’.  Many of my pants were ripped climbing thru the fences back home growing up, but that never stopped our adventures. I put the two together.

I painted this owl to donate to a local Pink Night. A fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. 

The puffin was for my daughters two schoolmates who did a project on heritage in art. Asking local painters to donate a piece reflecting something of their heritage. I did a puffin. Being of Icelandic descent and on a time crunch this was the easiest but still fun thing to do.

I’ve been using these thicker canvas’ lately to wrap my paintings around the sides. Making more of a table top piece but can still be hung on the wall.

At a recent trade show a young girl was looking for an owl painting to give to her teacher as a Christmas present. I had one that she was interested in but had her heart set on a horned owl. I promised to have one at the next show a few weeks later… she was thrilled when I showed her this one.

Thanks for looking!
🤓 Aimee


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