Wooden Jewelry

This came as a complete surprise!

We don’t don’t do any of the commercial Valentine’s Day stuff, no cards, gifts, flowers etc. Instead I baked cookies, made a nice meal and we played card/board games with our kids in the evening. 

We he got home from work he surprised me with these though… 

I’m in total shock. He’s never mentioned making jewelry, I had no idea anything like this would cross his mind. So sweet, thoughtful and time consuming! It was his first attempts and I couldn’t be more in awe!

The process of putting the two thin pieces of wood together, all the sanding, soaking and forming into the proper shapes and sizes. Then finishing them off, all without me knowing…I regularly pop into the shop to see his progress on different projects! 

Just had to share his talent and thoughtfulness!

🤓 Aimee


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