Painting Cows

I love painting cows. 

This jersey cow was my first attempt, she reminds me and my family of Cammie, our beloved cow growing up. 

My husband and I both grew up on farms with cattle, so it was only natural that I started painting them. Since starting, the requests grew. I’m not complaining one bit!

These two were the hardest to let go of.

My cousin is a bull rider so his mom had me paint this for him for Christmas. Having watched him grow up always pretending with his brother to by riding a ‘buckin bull’, it wasn’t a surprise to see him do this when he got older. I had the chance to watch him a couple summers ago and I’ve never experienced something so nerve wracking and scary. Painting this brought back that memory, but I feel like it helped having had experienced it, to put in on canvas.

And my latest completed, as suggested by my husband. They were a strictly Charolais farm.

All have found great homes, but I have one in the works that will be hung here at home…. for a little bit anyways!

🤓 Aimee


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