Tea Station

I love tea.

I drink it daily, wether hot or cold, and in a variety of flavours. I needed a solution for my ever growing stash of tea that not only filled some cupboards and drawers but has spilled over to fill our cabin as well.

Browsing Pinterest, as I do, I came across this mug rack, and sent it to my husband. That evening, using an old pallet and scrap lumber he had a larger version assembled and stained. 

The next evening he had it hung and I was able to fill it up. Making yet another of my Pinterest dreams come true!

Having it over the buffet gave me the surface area for preparation  as the drawers and cupboards to use for more storage. I usually pick up a new mug during our travels so I can display them and the kids get to hang their favourites. I switched out a bunch during the holidays for some winter themed ones.

Little additions, that just add more convenience, are a metal side plate for my tea timer and some nails to hang measuring spoons.

I drank a lot of tea before this installation, but I find I drink even more when it’s readily available, and in view. It also curbs buying more when I can see what I have, although thats not always the case when the new flavours of Steeped Tea come out!

Now to make something similar for the cabin, on a smaller scale, to display our locally made pottery mugs…

🤓 Aimee


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