The makings of our Gallery Wall

Handmade barn wood sign, acrylic painting, burlap wrapped letter, wooden shapes…

My husband always said he wanted to fill our walls with my artwork! Now in addition to that I’m hanging his stuff too! On this wall in particular we are mixing both projects of mine and his. It’s not complete yet but I’m loving it! 

Since we spend as many weekends as we can at our cabin, our hand painted ‘… to the lake and back’ sign was a must instead of the typical ‘…to the moon and back’. The wood coming from a building back home where my husband grew up, and his assembly, makes it that much more special. 

I found the wooden star hanging in its place when I came home from a girls weekend away, a couple weeks ago, I love his placement and how it turned out. Sweet surprise!

The star and arrows were made of scrap 1″x6″ cedar planks we had lying around and put together with wood glue and staples. The visible staples adding a perfect rustic touch.

My cowboy painting was the only painting that didn’t sell this past year at the two tradeshows I entered and I’m not the least bit upset. It’s one of my favourites and will have a place on my wall until it finds a new home.

I have to get crafting to add some more to the letter G and frame a crocheted doily, that was a gift from my husbands Great Grandma for our wedding, to make this wall complete!
We brought a little bit of the country to the city, making city life a little more bearable, and feel like home.


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