Fidget Muffs

Just over 5 years ago I lost one of my biggest influences, Grandma. She taught me how to knit, craft,  play card games, gave me my first cup of tea (which we shared most days after school), my favourite recipes, my love of garage sales and probably had a big impact on my stubbornness! 

Grandma had Dementia and I wish I would have known of or thought to make Fidget Muffs (aka Twiddle Muffs), I would have made her one. In her honour this past Christmas I started making them and donating to the seniors home she spent her last few years living in, and to another in a neighbouring town. 

These are great scrap busters and a creative outlet. Lately I’ve picked a theme, then using different techniques I’ve made an assortment of activities and textures that fit those themes.

Not only are they great for people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, those with Autism benefit from them as well. It keeps their hands busy and warm.


Working with 2 strands of worsted weight or 1 strand Chunky Yarn
J (6.00mm) Hook

  • Ch 40, join in a circle
  • Ch2, DC around, joining with Sl st
  • Ch2, alternate Fpdc, Bpdc around, join with Sl st
  • Ch1, HDC around. 

Continuing with HDC rows until desired length, usually 10″-12″

Can very easily be knit instead of crocheted, if that is your preference.

To add more texture and variances you can add a row of Bubble/bobble/Puff stitch, crocodile stitch or use different yarns. I always end it off with some Bernat Blanket Yarn for a soft edge. 

Add buttons, bells, braids, and activities to keep those fingers busy! In these pictures I have used… 2 Fish Appliqué sewn together and filled with yarn ends and a piece of recycled crinkly grocery bag. I also used 2 Owl appliqués sewn together filled with a small Bell and yarn ends. Both attached with a braided rope. My favourite flower pattern, Autumn Berry Flower, I use that in a lot of my projects!



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